Quality Guarantee

What you can expect:

love2brew was built on the principles that we would take the quality of service offered in the homebrew industry to the next level.
The 10 Commitments
  1. We commit to providing high quality products to you at an aggressive price while not sacrificing the level of service you deserve.
  2. We commit to being direct and honest with you at all times; whether it be good news, bad news, errors on our part, errors on your part, order complications, etc. You can always count on us to give you the most honest and direct answer as possible.
  3. We commit to providing you with only the freshest ingredients. Nothing expired, stale, infected, etc. will leave our doors to you.
  4. We commit to growing our selection of products every year (updated often). We know you want options and we look to provide them to you.
  5. We commit to helping you learn and grow. Our website/stores are not some fly-by-night operation. Our website offers you daily content (Mon-Fri) to enjoy and learn from while in store our knowledgeable staff is always ready to offer advice via phone or in person.
  6. We commit to giving back. The homebrew community is one of the best in the world; if it wasn't for the community we would not have been able to be as passionate about brewing as we are today. Our long term strategy is to be involved in competitions, informational events, and to support some homebrew forums via advertising.
  7. We commit to fast and accurate turnaround of your orders. No being left up in the air when your order ships, no questioning the accuracy, we quality check every package that leaves our facility.
  8. We commit to taking your feedback seriously. We're a company for homebrewers by homebrewers. If you have any suggestions, no matter how large or small, we want to hear them. Let Ron & Mark (Founders) know personally.
  9. We commit to customer service actually provides a service. Call us at anytime during normal business hours with any homebrew question and we'll be happy to help. If you leave a message or an email we commit to getting back to you within 24 hours.
  10. We commit to doing it all with a homebrew in hand and a smile on our face.