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ACCUmash Hoppy 5-13 SRM 1.040-1.060 OG
ACCUmash Hoppy 5-13 SRM 1.040-1.060 OG |  love2brew.com

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ACCUmash water treatment packets are the ideal solution to creating the perfect water for your brews. Water profiles are a critical part of brewing the perfect beer. Each individual packet will ensure optimal sugar extraction, flavor balance, and yeast performance. Using ACCUmash to treat your water will help to reduce off-flavors, hit your conversion targets, and increase hop presence and body without having to stress about building your own water profile with individual additions. Make better beer without the stress, use ACCUmash!

Packet Details:
SRM: 5 - 13 (Gold to Amber)
OG: 1.040 - 1.060
Hoppy beers

Note: ACCUmash is intended to be used with distilled or RO water in your mash. Do not use with spring water or tap water.