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Anvil Ferment in a Kettle Kit - 15 Gallon
Anvil Ferment in a Kettle Kit  |  love2brew.com

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The Anvil Ferment in a Kettle Kit combines innovation and time-saving efficiency by letting you use your ANVIL Kettle as a low-cost Stainless Steel fermenter!

This conversion kit is easily used by installing the Anvil Racking Arm and Sanitary nut and then adding the seal once your wort is in your sanitized kettle. Extract Brewers should rack their chilled wort into a sanitized bucket, clean and sanitize your Anvil Kettle, and then transfer your wort back into the kettle. All-Grain brewers may either do the same process to use a Boil Kettle as Extract brewers or you may covert your Hot Liquor Tank post use and sanitizing into a low cost stainless steel fermenter!

The system works because Anvil has created a one piece silicone lid seal that fits tightly around your kettle lid. This seal prevents oxygen and bacteria from coming in contact with your fermenting brew. The racking arm uses a Teflon Washer to allow your Anvil Valve and Dip Tube to turn easily and freely. This is a great feature as the dip tube becomes a racking arm and will allow you to transfer your beer without sucking up unnecessary sediment. Also included is a sanitary nut that covers the threads of the thermometer to eliminate the exposed threaded connections. All Anvil kettles have pre-drilled holes to accommodate the included Airlock and Grommet, no addition modifications will be needed.

The size of your Anvil Kettle will impact the amount of beer you can ferment:
- 5.5 Gallon can ferment up to a 4 Gallon Batch
- 7.5 Gallon can ferment up to a 6 Gallon Batch
- 10 Gallon can ferment up to a 8.5 Gallon Batch
- 15 Gallon can ferment up to a 12.5 Gallon Batch
- 20 Gallon can ferment up to a 18 Gallon Batch

- Large black silicone lid seal sized appropriately for kettle
- White Teflon Washer for racking arm valve feature
- Stainless sanitary nut and small stem seal for the ANVIL thermometer
- Sanitary nut sealing washer
- Rubber Grommet (CB037)
- Bubble Airlock (CB002)

Note: Kettle pictured is not included. These products may take up to 2-3 weeks to ship due to manufacturer availability.