AHA Big Brew - May 6th 2017 By: love2brew

Saturday, May 7th, 2016 will play host to our fifth annual Big Brew Day! It's an AHA (American Homebrew Association) event that many homebrew clubs and stores participate in throughout the country. For those of us who are unfamiliar with the Big Brew concept it basically means that a bunch of homebrewers (usually associated via a club, but not necessarily so) get together at a single location to all brew together. Equipment is supplied by the individual or often times shared between friends and club members so if you don't have any brewing equipment besides a kitchen stove, fermenting bucket, and a small kettle don't stress it! Big Brews often vary from large scale "project" brews in that everyone is just brewing their personal preference. Each you we have a variety of people join but love2brew will be brewing as well so there is guaranteed to be some great beer making to experience. In addition to making some new friends being a part of a Big Brew is a great way to become a better brewer yourself. Often times there are attendees of varying skill and experience. There's nothing like learning about brewing from someone who's experience vastly exceeds yours. Often times when researching questions on the internet you receive a lot of convoluted and conflicting answers; compare this to listening to advice and than actually see it in action and you have a much more concrete base to learn from (as long as the information and actions are correct!). Finally, what if you've never brewed before but you're just checking out homebrew as a potential hobby? I'd say there could be no better experience in the world for learning more about homebrewing than going to your local Big Brew. You'll have the chance to see multiple brews from beginning to end. Seeing this in person is sure to alleviate any concerns you may have while giving you a ton of information to work with as you move forward with the hobby.

In addition to brewing at 1:00pm EST we will participate in a country wide toast to homebrewing and the joy it brings us! Be prepared for an event full of learning, fun, brew samples, and more!

Visitor spots have no restrictions and you are welcome to join as early or as late as you would like however we do appreciate reservations if you plan on attending. If you want to see the more advanced process be sure to be here early! Please call 888-654-551 (Extension 2 for North Brunswick, extension 3 for Paterson).