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New Recipe Kit: Today we release a kit that has been in our notebooks for a long time and has already been brewed by hundreds of brewers looking for a great true-to-style recipe for one of their favorites. We're excited to officially publish and release our newest recipe!

Belgian Witbier: Belgian Witbiers are a refreshing, easy to drink beer that showcases zesty and sweet citrus flavors combined with slight herbal spice notes and a distinct yeast character. When you brew our Belgian Witbier you will use fresh sweet orange peels in combination with ground coriander to create a true to style classic. Also known as a White Ales due to their hazy appearance this golden ale will pour with a fluffy white head that will feel soft and creamy in texture at first sip but will finish crisp and slightly dry. This is an incredibly palatable beer popular during warmer months but enjoyed by many throughout the year.

Available in
Extract / Partial Mash / All-Grain

Instructions / Recipe: Belgian Witbier (EX)
Style: Witbier
Original Gravity: 1.052
Recommend Time: 4 Weeks
BeerSmith: Belgian Witbier

- 2 Weeks Primary Fermentation
- 2 Weeks Bottle Conditioning

Original Gravity: 1.052
- 5.3% ABV (Estimated)
- IBUs: 10.9
- SRM: 5.1 (Gold)
- 60 Minute Boil

Kit Profile:

Malts & Specialty Grains
- 3
lb. Pilsner Malt Extract
- 3 lb. Wheat Malt Extract

- 1 oz. German Hallertau

- Safbrew T-58
- White Labs Belgian Wit Ale Yeast (WLP400)
- Wyeast Belgian Witbier yeast (3944)

- Spice Pack
- 5 oz. Priming Sugar

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  • Big news for our local homebrewers; our 2015 Event Schedule is here; check out our Calendar of Events for the details of of the time and dates! We've put a lot of time into planning an incredible series of events and revamping the way you can join in on the fun!
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