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New Recipe Kit: Brewing up new recipes is always a fun process, but our staff was especially excited about this American classic. After many iterations we produced a brew that really encompassed the style that helped to define the US brewing scene.

California Common: California Commons are a true piece of the United States brewing history, this copper lager beer was fermented at room temperatures by western settlers looking for an excellent beer but without the proper resources for cold fermentation. Showcasing the aroma and flavors of the moderately bitter US Northern Brewer hop you’ll enjoy a rustic, woody characteristic that plays incredibly well with the caramel and slight toast notes from our carefully selected malts. If you’re a fan of Anchor Steam lager then this brew is an excellent choice to share and enjoy with friends and family!

Note: If you desire to produce a true-to-style Common it is highly recommend you use a liquid yeast for this brew.

Available in
Extract / Partial Mash / All-Grain

Instructions / Recipe:
California Common
Original Gravity:
Recommend Time:
4 Weeks

- 2 Weeks Primary Fermentation
- 2 Week Bottle Conditioning

Original Gravity:1.054
- 4.9% ABV (Estimated)
- IBUs: 35.4
- SRM: 13.1 (Amber)
- 60 Minute Boil

Kit Profile:

Malts & Specialty Grains
3 lb. Light Malt Extract
- 3 lb. Amber Malt Extract
- 8 oz. Caramel 40l
- 8 oz. Caramel 60L
- 8 oz. Victory Malt
- 1 oz. Chocolate Malt

- 3 oz. US Northern Brewer

- Saflager S-23
- White Labs San Francisco Lager Yeast (WLP810)
- Wyeast California Lager Yeast (2112)

- 5 oz. Priming Sugar
- 1 Mesh Grain Bag

- 2 Weeks Primary Fermentation
- 2 Weeks Bottle Conditioning

Original Gravity: 1.052
- 5.3% ABV (Estimated)
- IBUs: 10.9
- SRM: 5.1 (Gold)
- 60 Minute Boil

Kit Profile:

Malts & Specialty Grains
- 3
lb. Pilsner Malt Extract
- 3 lb. Wheat Malt Extract

- 1 oz. German Hallertau

- Safbrew T-58
- White Labs Belgian Wit Ale Yeast (WLP400)
- Wyeast Belgian Witbier yeast (3944)

- Spice Pack
- 5 oz. Priming Sugar

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