Brew on Premises at love2brew!

Brewing Beer is a fun, simple, and easy activity that can be done here at love2brew as well as your home! Whether you are a complete novice looking to have someone guide you through the process, an experienced brewer looking to take your skills to the next level, or someone who just needs to utilize our equipment to brew a large batch in a short amount of time our facilities are equipped to provide you with an amazing brew on premises experience.

What is Brew on Premises?

Brew on Premises is when you come into your local love2brew location to brew beer using love2brew equipment. All brewing on premises sessions include ingredients, personal instruction (if requested, not mandatory for experienced brewers), water, fermentation vessels and fermentation of the beer in our temperature controlled fermentation rooms. After the beer has completed fermentation you will return to bottle your beers on a predetermined date and then take them home to enjoy! All ingredients, time, instruction, bottles/caps, etc. are included in the initial price; there are no hidden or additional fees! Even better is there is all of the fun without the mess; we do all of the clean up, prep work, and sanitation so you can focus on the brew!

Why brew at love2brew?

There are many reasons people like to brew on premises instead of their home depending on the individual. Reasons include ranging from the desire for personal instruction, lack of space at home, use of our professional grade equipment, a day to hang out with friends, events and parties, and most importantly because they want to! love2brew also offers a completely unique take on the Brew on Premises; patrons can have the option of the traditional brew on premises where love2brew ferments and holds your brew or the unique option of taking your brew home with you as well as a Complete Equipment Kit at an incredibly discounted price!

Scheduling an Appointment to Brew on Premises

Getting started is as easy as calling your local love2brew store to make an appointment! (1.888.654.5511) It is recommended that you try and book your appointment a minimum of one week ahead of time; however the earlier the better. Available times may be found on our Calendar of Events but you will need to call ahead to confirm that the time has not already been booked. Each brew day will require you to block off about 2.5 hours of your personal schedule for your brew day. Each session may have up to four attendees, giving you a great opportunity to brew with friends! Reservations should be booked a minimum of two weeks ahead of time.

The Beer

Here at love2brew it's all about giving you the best experience possible so with that in mind we provide you with numerous options of what you can brew! All of our Beer Recipe Kits are available for you to brew here at our location at any time. In additional if you want to brew a custom creation we can provide that for you without issue. For specialty beers (e.g. Pumpkin Ales, Holiday Brews, Fruit beers, etc.) we will require you to bring in any additional ingredients that are not
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consistent with the traditional beer ingredients of barley, hops, water, and yeast. In addition we have the ability to offer you both Ale and Lager beers utilizing our separate temperature controlled rooms.

Another great benefit of brewing at love2brew is you control the quantity! You have the option of brewing a 5, 10, or 15
gallon batch depending on your needs! Our state of the art electric brewing facility enables you to have complete control of your brews from start to finish! In addition we've been known to break out a few homebrew samples for our Brew on Premises customers so be prepared to get a first-hand homebrew experience!


love2brew has a flat pricing structure that we find allows you to get the most for your money when brewing on premises. For Extract (Beginner) brewing it is only $100 to brew plus the cost of ingredients and bottles. The $100 fee includes full use of our equipment for 5, 10, or 15 gallons of beer! That is an incredible value compared to competitive brew on premises offerings. For All-Grain (Advanced) brewers the fee is only $200 for the session (plus cost of ingredients and bottles).

Prices vary depending on the size of batch you would like to brew and the beer you chose. Prices include ingredients, equipment use, staff time, fermentation, and bottles. Below you will find a range of prices of available options. Prices fluctuate due to the style of beer/recipe and time/style of fermentation required.

Brew & Ferment at love2brew Brew at love2brew
Ferment at Home w/ Complete Kit
5 Gallon Batch (48 Beers) $150 - $200 $220 - $300
10 Gallon Batch (96 Beers) $170 - $300 $270 - $345
15 Gallon Batch (144 Beers) $300+ $290 - $420+
Note: All-Grain Brewers should contact love2brew directly for pricing.

Important: The state of New Jersey requires all individuals who Brew on Premises to have a "Homebrew License". The licenses take ~2 weeks to be processed and are required to brew at love2brew. No exceptions will be made. The state fee is $15 per license. Each person brewing on premises must have a license. love2brew will process this application for you at no additional charge if you prefer. The application may be found here: NJ Brew on Premises License

By signing up to Brew on Premises at love2brew you agree to all the terms outlined in our guidelines.

Now that you have the basics down why not check out our step by step brew on premises guide!

1. What do you want to brew?

The love2brew beer recipe kits are unique in that these recipes are hand crafted and brewed multiple times in order to determine the perfect balance of malts and hops to provide you with the perfect brew. We're proud of these kits as we know every single one of them produces excellent beer. We never design kits with a multitude of adjuncts that raise alcohol but skimp out on the flavor, instead we use generous combinations of malts and hops that fit the style. Many of our kits fit the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) Style guide of what makes a beer of a certain style... What that means to you is the peace of mind that if you choose to brew a beer on premises with love2brew you know you're getting an authentic version of that brew. Some of our specialty brews are an exception to the rule but we put our reputation behind them that you'll love them as much as we do!

Once you've selected your recipe we will prepare and setup all of the ingredients for you. This eliminates any room for potential error and makes your brew day as easy and smooth as possible. Let us do the work for you while you relax and have a homebrew!

2. Time to Brew

After you've chosen what to brew the rest of the process is simple. A dedicated staff member will be there with you throughout the entire process. All of our exact instructions are located on our Beer Recipe Kits under the Additional Information tab. The best part about the love2brew Brew on Premises is not the "what?" but the "why?". Our dedicated staff member will explain each step of the brewing process to you in detail from steeping grains, to adding malt extact, and why hop types and addition times matter. During the "downtime" your staff member will spend time with you covering various aspects of brewing and their importance. Not only will you brew an amazing beer here at love2brew, you'll also leave with a wealth of knowledge that will allow you to continuing brewing on your own if you should choose to! If you choose the equipment package you will be confident to move forward on your own after just one class!
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3. Fermenting

After you've completed the brewing process you'll cool your wort down quickly using our plate chiller and then add your yeast. Depending on the option you've chosen you will either have the opportunity to take your brew home with you or leave it at love2brew and we will ferment it for you in our temperature controlled room. The fermentation process may take as little as 2 - 4 weeks depending on the type of beer you are brewing and if it requires a secondary fermentation. Some beers will require additional aging afterwords but that may be done in the bottle. Upon completion of the fermentation process you will return to bottle your brews!

4. Bottling

Bottling is an easy process and it will be even easier here at love2brew as we will have a staff member show you the best practices in bottling to make your day a breeze. This is the day you add a little priming sugar to your beer to allow it to carbonate or "bottle condition". When you leave love2brew you take your beers with you to your home. At this point the only thing required is a little patience so your brew may properly carbonate and be enjoyed. Welcome to the world of homebrewing and congratulations on your first batch!