Citra Celebration By: Ry Parcell

Citra Celebration; A Citra Single Hop Ale

My friend Don and I always try to coordinate our brew days together as much as possible so we can share in ingredient costs, our time, bigger batches,  and recipe generation.  I would say I brew every third batch or so with him and we have done this for a number of years so we are able to really brew to each others standards...also brewing with a friend means more brews to share while brewing....always a plus.  

The driving force behind this 10 gallon brew day was the Love2Brew sale awhile back showcasing their 2012 crop shares of the coveted Simcoe, Amarillo, and Citra hop varieties (among many others).  They had some really great prices on these hops per pounds so we picked up two pounds of each and got out the notebooks to think of a perfect recipe.  While I was toiling away trying to be creative and think of crazy things we could do Don quickly came up with the recipe for this beer. All things aside, what made me excited about this beer was that it was showcasing one of my favorite hops....Citra.  Don decided to go all Citra on this bad boy.

He took some interesting turns in the grain bill and hop schedule with this beer.  It should be a nice dry beer with a fair amount of malt complexity.  We didn’t want to use anything too complex for the grist as to take away from the hop forward nature of the beer.  Maris Otter could have been used instead of the 2-row for example. I also like the use of Pils in addition to 2-row for the bulk of the grist.  This can add a great balance to your Pales and IPAs that justing 2-row and some crystal won’t do. The hop schedule is something we have both been reading about through other bloggers and talking about with other brewers.  I myself have used only late addition hops a few times but never with anything as intense and hop forward as Citra.

We are both very excited about this beer.  Albeit a summertime feel I think it will bring some much needed memories of summer to a frigid Vermont landscape this December.  It will also have a quick turn around time so we can get some much needed beer into our kegs for the upcoming holidays.  I hope you enjoy!

Recipe, Notes,& Details

  • 9 lbs German Pilsner
  • 7 lbs 2- Row
  • 1 lb flaked maize
  • .5 Golden Naked Oats
  • 1.5 oz Citra @ 15 Min
  • 1.5 oz Citra @ 10 Min
  • 1.5 oz Citra @ 5 Min
  • 1 oz Citra @ 0 Min
  • 1 oz Citra during chill
  • .5 oz Citra for keg hop addition

  • Added sugar during last 10 minutes of boil up the gravity.  Used refractometer to monitor gravity to get it where wanted it.
60 minutes at 155 F

Each carboy got 1 packet of US-05

Collected 12 gallons of 1.035 wort
Final gravity (post sugar addition) 1.050

75 minutes

Each carboy got 45 seconds of pure oxygen


Would have liked to have collected more wort from the mash.  It was very very very cold outside so we lost a lot more volume b/c of that.  Fermentation took off quickly and was active by that morning.

As always, feel free to connect with me about this recipe or any thoughts you may have.  You can reach me via email at or on Twitter @ryparcell