Call 1.888.654.5511 or click here to reserve your spot for an event in at our North Brunswick location.

As part of our company philosophy of fostering the local homebrew communities we are involved in love2brew offers monthly events ranging from brewing lessons of varied skill levels to guest speakers on a variety topics.

Event registration requires the purchase of an Event Ticket. Event tickets are a requirement for most love2brew Warehouse events. Space is limited typically reserved to the first 15-20 people. Spots will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. If an event is closed it will be noted as such on our Calendar of Events.

When registering for an event you should block off the appropriate amount of time in your schedule. Events start promptly on time and will end when scheduled. Although you are welcome to come at any time we appreciate your being on time. If you arrive late we will not be able to dedicate time to the information that you missed. During the "downtime" of the brew we will often discuss details of the particular brewing process.

Class dates and times are subject to change. Classes may be canceled if a minimum number of registrations are not met. Participants will receive 15% Off their entire purchase on items covered during the day of the class. Some restrictions apply.

Below are descriptions of the various types of events we may hold as well as who would be best suited to attend.

Extract Brewing Lesson Partial Mash Brewing Lesson All-Grain Brewing Lesson
This class is designed to teach the basics of home brewing to any individual. We will begin an extract brew from start to finish on our brewing system while narrating the entire process. Individuals will have a chance to learn about the individual ingredients that make beer as well as see a hands on demonstration of how simple and easy it is to make your own beer! You should join us for this class if you are thinking about brewing your own beer, interested in how beer is made, or have just started brewing your own beer and would like to learn more.

Skill level: Novice: 2 Hours. (11:00am - 1:00pm)
Partial Mash brewing is the step between basic Extract brewing and the more advanced All-Grain brewing. The basic concept is doing an actual mash of your specialty grains and a small amount of base grains while still adding malt extract as a base for your brew. This is a great option for extract brewers looking to have a bit more customization and control in their brews without making the full investment/leap into All-Grain Brewing. The only thing needed in addition to your extract brewing equipment would be a large nylon straining bag.

Skill level: Intermediate
Duration: 3 Hours (11:00am - 2:00pm)
All-Grain classes are designed for individuals who have some brewing experience and understanding of the basic concepts of brewing already. In this class we do a complete All-Grain batch on our Brewing System while diving into the nuances of all-grain brewing. There is a lot of down time during this lesson so it will be filled with detailed instruction and breaks. We will cover the details of grain ratios, a mash (including re-circulation), mash out, sparging, and the remaining process.

Skill level: Advanced
Duration<: 5 Hours (10:00am - 3:00pm)

Education Classes:

Love2brew offers a variety of educational classes such as tasting beer, beer recipe design, water chemistry, ingredient profiles, and more! These classes are typically 30 - 60 minutes and offer a discussion style class with in depth analysis of the topic. Samples may/may not be provided depending on relevant subject matter. All education classes require an Event Ticket. Our List of offered classes is below.

  • How to Make a Yeast Starter: Yeast Starters are a quick an easy way to make better beer. Learn why and how to make your own yeast starters during this class! 30 Minutes.

  • Kegging Systems Demonstration: Kegging beer is an easy and fun way to save a LOT of time and enjoy your beer sooner! Learn the ins and outs of kegging your own homebrew in this class! 30 Minutes.
  • Product Demos: At Love2brew we love brewing gadgets! Let us show you the latest tools designed to make your homebrewing experience even better! 30 Minutes.
  • Water Chemistry Lessons: Water chemistry will help you take your brewing to the next level. Complicated on the surface, let our Brewmasters break everything down for you in an easy and straightforward manner! 30-60 minutes.
  • Love2Share Days: Love2Share is a quarterly event where we invite all of our local homebrewers to come mingle and share a brew (or a few!) No instruction, just socializing and talking brews!
  • Food Pairings: Come sample your favorite beer and food combinations. Small snacks and beer samples provided. 30 Minutes.

Love2Share: Every quarter we will have a Love2Share Night! Bring a couple bottles of your favorite homebrew and share them with other homebrewers! A great chance to socialize with other brewers, talk beer, and have a great evening! Note that this is not a formal homebrew club; rather an informal gathering of brewers who want to hang out and enjoy some great beers!

Tasting Calibrations

Love2brew may host tasting calibrations at our North Brunswick warehouse. We've teamed up with an official experienced BJCP judge to provide you with a unique experience designed to make you a better homebrewer and beer drinker! The goal of these classes is to help you improve your pallet for both commercial and homebrewed beer styles and potential flaws. These classes will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants, filled on a first come, first serve basis, and require an Event Ticket.

Each of our tasting calibrations will consist of two separate activities designed to help you improve your tasting knowledge and ability through commercial beers and off-flavors:

Commercial Calibration Off-Flavor Calibration
Commercial Tasting Calibrations are designed to help you properly identify specific beer styles and characteristics. Our certified Beer Judge will walk you through the process of how to taste beer correctly, how to identify the flavors you are looking for, and how to properly gauge a beer

Beers served will be designated to a specific category per evening. Material will be provided to help participants better understand and identify what they are tasting and should be looking for in a specific beer style.
Homebrewers enjoying this class will have an ability to better understand what the "ideal" BJCP definition is for the beer that they are trying to brew.
Using a Comprehensive Sensory Training Kit from the Siebel Institute participants will analyze and discuss specific off flavors that can occur in homebrewed and/or commercially brewed beer.

Participants will use commercial light lagers spiked with concentrated samples of off-flavors to taste and identify specific off flavors. This will help homebrewers better identify off-flavors that could/have occurred in their homebrew and/or commercial beers that they have tasted.

Each class will include the following:
  • 5 - 6 Commercial Beer Samples (Depending on style there may be different examples of a single style)
  • 4 Off Flavor Beer Samples (Off Flavor concentrate paired with American Light Lager)
  • Water
  • Small food samples
  • Official instruction and guidance as you enjoy each sample.
  • Take home material

Wine & Cider Making Classes:

Wine & Cider Making is easy, fun, and quick! We offer classes demonstrating the three phases of making incredible wine/cider from our Wine/Cider Recipe Kits. We'll remove all of the mystery of making your own wine/cider and show you just how easy it is to do in the comfort of your own home! All wine/cider making classes require an Event Ticket.