Bock Mustard By: Nick Hack

As the weather warms we start to think of all of the picnics and outdoor activities we enjoy. One of my favorite outdoor activities is grilling and nothing tastes better on the grill than sausage. Picnics with friends and family are a great way to showcase your homebrew and that latest marinade or rub for the meats on the grill. I decided to go a different route and make homemade mustard. Mustards are an easy condiment to prepare and require only a few ingredients. With a change of the beer you can completely change the flavor of the mustard. For today’s recipe I used a smoked Bock that added the malty profile of a Bock and a lovely smokiness that lends itself perfectly to grilled meats. It is best prepared several days ahead so the flavors have a chance to blend together. Once prepared, the mustard can be kept refrigerated up to a month.

1/4C Mustard Seeds

1/2C Beer, Bock or other Dark Beer

1/4C Champagne or Apple Cider Vinegar

1Tbs. Honey

1Tbs. Brown Sugar

1/4C Mustard Powder

Begin by soaking the mustard seeds in the beer and refrigerate for 10-12hrs to rehydrate the mustard seeds.

After the seeds have had a chance to soak, combine in a shatter resistant container and using a hand blender add the vinegar and mustard powder and blend for one minute.

After vinegar and mustard powder are blended add the honey and brown sugar and continue to blend if you like a smoother mustard.

After all of the ingredients are combined cover the contents and refrigerate preferably over night. This mustard goes exceptionally well with a grilled Brat or other Sausage and cuts through the grease and char to add a superb flavor.

I enjoy mustard that has most of the mustard seeds still intact so I did not blend it very much. For smoother mustard continue to blend to crush the remaining seeds. Mustard on its own can at times be quite hot to the palate so I added the honey and brown sugar to cut through the heat and create a sweet and tangy mustard that is very flavorful. As always once you try a new recipe, just as in home brewing, feel free to experiment with different ingredients to see what new flavors you can achieve.