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BLC Liquid Line Cleaner 32 oz.
BLC Liquid Line Cleaner  |  love2brew.com

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BLC Liquid Line Cleaner is an Alkaline based beer line cleaner that works incredibly well at removing soil and mineral deposits from your beverage lines, facuets, shanks, and other kegging parts. BLC will work with any draft cleaning equipment.

How to Clean Beer Lines:
- Add 1/2 oz. BLC per quart of water
- Drain remaining beer from line and run your water/BLC solution through the line
- Circulate for 10-15 minutes
- Purge cleaning solution from your beer line and rinse with water
- Attach your next keg and pour beer until line is filled with beer

If you do not have another keg to attach to your lines than leave water in the lines. Do not purge the lines with air as this can create an environment for mold to grow.