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Belgian Witbier Extract Kit - 2.5 Gallon
Belgian Witbier Extract Kit - 2.5 Gallon  |  love2brew.com  Homebrew Supply

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Belgian Witbiers are a refreshing, easy to drink beer that showcases zesty and sweet citrus flavors combined with slight herbal spice notes and a distinct yeast character. When you brew our Belgian Witbier you will use fresh sweet orange peels in combination with ground coriander to create a true to style classic. Also known as a White Ales due to their hazy appearance this golden ale will pour with a fluffy white head that will feel soft and creamy in texture at first sip but will finish crisp and slightly dry. This is an incredibly palatable beer popular during warmer months but enjoyed by many throughout the year.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Create a Lavender Wit

Lavender can add a really interesting flavor to Witbiers that really compliments the beer as a whole. Use 2 TSP to the Witbier in a secondary fermentation or at bottling (mix really well). As with all spices do not over do it, be precise with your measurements for best results!

Tom Boylan Lead Lavender Brewer

Culinary Corner

Fish is the Dish

Seafood and the zesty citrus flavor profile of Witbiers pair extremely well together. We've tested this theory over a number of dishes such as Sushi, Seafood Topped Pizza, Seafood Risottos, and Fried Fish.

Love2brew Crew Food & Beer Experimentors