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Blackprinz Malt (Briess)
Blackprinz Malt  (Briess) 1 lb.  |  love2brew.com

Intensely roasted from hulless barley, Blackprinz Malt is a smooth and mellow flavored black malt without bitter, astringent, dry flavors or aftertaste. Despite its delicate and clean flavor, at 500 Lovibond Blackprinz Malt delivers exceptionally deep color to dark beers or a slight to intense boost of color to other beer styles. Hints of toasted malty flavor come through at slightly higher usage rates.
Lovibond: 500

Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
WG-041-P1 Blackprinz Malt (Briess) 1 lb.
WG-041-P1-C Blackprinz Malt (Briess) 1 lb. Crushed
WG-041-P10 Blackprinz Malt (Briess) 10 lb.
WG-041-P10-C Blackprinz Malt (Briess) 10 lb. Crushed
WG-041-P50 Blackprinz Malt (Briess) 50 lb.
WG-041-P50-C Blackprinz Malt (Briess) 50 lb. Crushed
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