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Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler
Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler  |  love2brew.com

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The Blichmann BeerGun is a bottle filler designed to allow you to bottle beer easily and flawlessly from your keg. A stainless steel design coupled single-handed operation make this product a unique and popular option among brewers who only need to bottle for certain occasions. Cleaning and setup is very easy and we recommend purchasing the accessory kit option as well for easy integration.

The Quiescent Flow Technology of the BeerGun eliminates the complication of CP fillers while maintaining the primary function – purging a bottle with CO2 (no oxygen pick-up) and filling it with minimal foaming and carbonation loss.

The other main feature is the very simple sanitation procedure. Combined with the auto fill level and ability to fill any depth bottle without modification makes this bottle filler a great choice to meet your needs.

How it works: Instead of pressurizing a bottle to keg pressure like CP fillers do to reduce foaming Blichmann designed a filler that gradually reduces the beer from keg pressure to atmospheric pressure with little turbulence. The result is a consistent bottle fill with little foaming and no oxygen pick-up.

Foaming is caused predominantly by turbulence and sudden changes in pressure. The design of the BeerGun eliminates the need to pressurize the bottle by providing a non-throttling, quick-acting valve placed at the bottom of the filler stem, and a beer delivery system that is very low in turbulence. Most designs use a valve at the top of the filler. Placing the valve at the bottom allows the valve to be quickly immersed in the beer further reducing pressure change and turbulence while keeping the stem full of beer at all times. Traditional fillers, or filling from a tap with a hose, forces the beer down an empty tube each time, kicking up foam along the way.

In addition the beer is sealed in the filler stem when the BeerGun is removed from the bottle it will automatically provide a consistent bottle fill level when the stem is removed!

These features, coupled with a CO2 jacketing tube for bottle purging, and ergonomic valve actuators, means filling a bottle is faster, intuitively obvious, more accurate, and easier. Since a pressurizing stopper is not required you can fill any depth bottle without buying different stem lengths or adding plastic hose extensions.

- BeerGun
- Anti-microbial tubing
- Hard Carrying Case
- Accessory Kit