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Blichmann Cornical Fermentation Kit
Blichmann Cornical Fermentation Kit | love2brew.com

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The Blichmann Cornical Fermentation Kit is a premium quality USA made conical fermenter designed to be used alone or wiith the Blichmann Cornical Keg (CB062B) to create an all-in-one fermenting/dispensing system!

- Integrated rotating racking arm with sanitary sampling valve
- Full 1.5" sanitary butterfly dump valve (for yeast harvesting and trub dumping)
- All stainless sanitary fittings for contamination free beer
- Pressure capable to 50psi for fermentation

- Conical fermenter bottom with Tri-clamp fittings
- 1.5 in. Tri-clamp butterfly bottom dump valve
- 1.5 in. Tri-clamp elbow racking tube, sampling valve, fermentation lid hatch
- Assorted Tri-clamp valves, gaskets and caps
- QuickConnector nuts, o-rings, airlock o-rings
- 1/2 in. blowoff tube
- 1 in. bottom dump hose

Measures 14"x14"x17" - This item is the Fermentation Kit only. Below is an instructional video of how this keg may be used with the Blichmann Cornical Keg (CB062B).

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