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Blichmann Fermenator Conical - Standard Fittings
Blichmann Fermenator Conical  -  Standard Fittings  |  love2brew.com

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The Blichman Fermenator is the perfect option for professional level home fermentation.Design features are as follows:

- Weldless Interior: Ensures the least possible exposure to bacteria, reduces surface deformations caused by welding, and makes for a very easy cleaning process.

- Stainless Steel Fittings: All fittings used for the dump valve (used for removing yeast and sediment) and the rotating racking arm are a high quality industrial level fitting.

- Rotating Racking Arm: Designed standard into the Fermenator; allows for the perfect transfer of your beer.Siphon may be started horizontally and slowly rotated downward until you begin to slightly picking up yeast sediment.Helps to avoid wasting beer and transferring sediment to your keg or bottling bucket.

- Lid Hatch: Allows for easy, sanitary access to your fermenting beer.Minimizes the exposure of the fermentables to oxidation and bacterial contamination when dry hopping or adding finings.Also makes pitching yeast significantly easier.

- Bolted leg system: Channeled legs offer improved strength and appearance.Welding process is utilized to install fasteners on the tank wall leaving the interior of the tank flawless.The legs are affixed to the tank so cleaning is much easier when compared to a design where the tank simply sits on a stand.In addition legs are easily replaceable if damaged.

- Pressure Capable Stainless Lid:Eliminates the need for elevating the fermentor above kegs or bottling buckets.Uses CO2 pressure to pump your beer up to 6 feet above your Fermenator.Ideal for chest freezers.

- Improved Lid Seal:Featuring a silicone molding into the seal offers improved sealing on the tank lid to further protect your brews.Designed to handle high temperatures and age well.

- Folding Handles:Fold neatly when not in use.Stay connected to unit.
Note:When empty all of the Fermenators may be moved by the handle.We do not recommend attempting to move the 27 & 42 gallon units when full due to weight of the units.

- Low Profile Design: The Fermenator can easily be placed in a full size refrigerator or freezer for maintaining fermentation temperatures. May also be converted into an excellent lagering chamber.

Available in a variety of sizes depending on your needs please be sure to coordinate your accessory sizes correctly.

Please note that many units may take 2-4 weeks to ship as they are drop shipped from the manufacturer.