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Blichmann QuickCarb Beer Carbonater
Blichmann QuickCarb Beer Carbonater  |  love2brew.com

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The Blichmann QuickCarb is a simple, new way to carbonate a 5 gallon keg of homebrew in less than an hour! This patent pending product uses a simple circulating pump and a unique stainless steel diffusion stone to carbonate your beer precisely and quickly. The best part is that there is no chance of accidentally over carbonating your beer!

Within the first hour of using the QuickCarb your beer will be about 90% carbonated. Afterwards you can let it sit for a day and dial in the level of carbonation you desire. Operates through a quiet and dependable circulating pump that is powered by a standard DC transformer that is included. Utilizing a 10 Micron stainless diffusion stone you will inject CO2 into your beer. The stone is large enough to be durable but also porous enough to be sanitized. Easy to clean and sanitize this is a great tool for those of us who want our beer ready as soon as possible, especially when the last keg has already kicked!

May also be used for inline oxygenation, just add an O2 Regulator and the QuickCarb can be used to increase the oxygen in your wort prior to pitching your yeast.