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Bottle Caps (Blue)
Bottle Caps (Blue)  |  love2brew.com

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These Oxygen Absorbing Caps absorb the oxygen left in the head space of the bottle. Oxygen absorbing caps are recommended for low gravity beers, beers that will be aged for a year or more, and any beer you wish to protect against oxidation and its staling effects.

Fits standard, pry-off beer bottles. Do not fit twist-off bottles; we at love2brew recommend against using twist-off bottles for any type of homebrewing. These caps have an oxygen-scavenging liner that can help reduce oxidation and staling. For best results do not use an oxidizing cleaner or sanitizer such as One-Step or Easy Clean on caps. Other sanitizers such as Star San work fine. Caps are activated when wet and should only be wet just before or after bottling, do not attempt to store and reuse caps that have been exposed to liquid.