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Brewer's Essentials™ FastFerment Beer Making Kit
Brewer's Essentials FastFerment Beer Making Kit  |  love2brew.com

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The Brewer's Essentials™ FastFerment Beer Making Kit comes with everything you need to dive into your first brew. The FastFerment Beer Making Kit will allow two-stage fermentations for more complex beers like India Pale Ales (IPAs) and will be a great kit to start with for someone who is ready to make some great beers and experiment a bit with their own unique ideas. Designed to be able to handle any beer the complete kit is a great choice if you are interested in learning to brew, have some minor experience with lesser kits, or if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who mentioned brewing beer this is the perfect choice for you.

This Beer Making Kit is unique because it includes a FastFerment! The FastFerment is a conical fermenter that removes some of the process of fermenting your beer. This is beneficial because the it reduces some of potential for contamination and/or oxidation. Conical fermenters allow you to drop the yeast out of the bottom when primary fermentation is finished. Your FastFerment may be used as a primary fermenter and a secondary (after the yeast has been dropped out), you save time by not having to transfer and clean a separate vessel. After additional conditioning you may bottle/keg directly from the FastFerment using the attachable 1/2" hose barb and attaching your tubing to the barb. A complete fermentation and bottling system in one unit!

Brewer's Essentials™ FastFerment Beer Making Kit Includes:
- FastFerment 7.9 Gallon Conical Fermenter
- 6" Screw Top Grommeted Lid
- Collection Ball
- 1" Union, Teflon Valve and Fittings
- Wall Mount, Bolts and Anchors
- 2 oz. Powdered Brewery Wash (PBW)
- Three Piece Airlock
- Hydrometer
- 24" Spoon
- 1/2" PVC Hose and Clamp
- Dual Scale Stick-on Thermometer
- Bottle Brush
- Bottle Capper
- Bottle Caps
- FastFerment Assembly Instructions
- Love2brew Basics of Homebrewing Guide
- Love2brew Sticker

The FastFerment comes standard with wall mounting brackets as outlined above, however we have a number of options you may add to improve your FastFerment experience!

Choosing your first Beer Recipe Kit:
Brewing your first beer is an easy and fun experience and here at Love2brew our goal is to make it even easier! We have created a unique starter program where new brewers can choose from four of our most popular starter recipes at a deep discount when purchasing a Beer Making Kit. These recipes were hand selected by our staff for their ease of brewing, quick turnaround time, and most importantly their popularity among brewers for their incredible flavor! We highly recommend purchasing one of this discounted Beer Recipe Kits for the new brewer to get the most out of their brewing experience.

Easy Blonde Ale: Our best selling kit of all time, the Easy Blonde Ale is a refreshingly crisp beer that is great for novice to expert beer drinkers alike. Easy to drink with aromatic notes of slight citrus and floral overtones its a great beer to have any time of year in any environment.

American Wheat Ale: American Wheat ales are very easy drinking wheat based beers. Pours a dark gold with a fluffy white head, this brew has flavor and aroma notes of Grapefruit enhance the beer. This is a great choice if you are interested in adding fruit to a beer!

Irish Stout: If you like Guinness you're going to love our Irish Stout. Pours a blackish brown with a thick tan head and has big malty roast notes that make it a true Irish Stout. Because your homebrew will be carbonated with CO2 you'll trade the creamy body of a Guinness for more flavor, a great trade if you ask us!

Dark English Mild: Milds are a low alcohol English style ale that are lighter than an Irish Stout but still provide a malt-forward beer. Hints of toast and caramel showcase the malts while a earthy spice notes are present due to the hop additions. Meant to be enjoyed in multiples it is a great choice for an easy first batch!