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Brewer's Essentials™ Yeast Starter Kit - 2000 ml
Brewer's Essentialsâ„¢ Yeast Starter Kit  |  love2brew.com

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Creating a Liquid Yeast Starter is an easy way to make better beer at home with very little effort. Building a yeast starter helps to ensure that your yeast viability as well as increasing the cell count of your yeast in order to give your fermentation a head start. Proper yeast pitching is one of the most critical parts of brewing beer and as a homebrewer it can help you avoid a number of potential pitfalls that could occur during your fermentation process!

The Brewer's Essentials™ Yeast Starter Kit contains everything you need to create your own yeast starters conveniently at home. Making a yeast starter is as simple as heating water on your stove in an Erlenmeyer Flask, adding malt extract, boiling for another 10 minutes, cooling to 65°F, and adding your yeast. After 24-48 hours of propagating your yeast on your Stir Plate you can remove it and add it to your freshly brewed wort!

Kit Includes:
- Stir Plate
- Stir Bar
- 2000 ml Erlenmeyer Flask
- 1 lb. Pilsner Malt Extract
- Yeast Starter Guide