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Brix Refractometer w/ ATC
Brix Refractometer w/  ATC  |  love2brew.com

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A Refractometer is a tool used to read the gravity of your wort by measuring the bending of light within your sample. One of the main benefits of using our Refractometer is the difference in sample size needed when compared to a hydrometer. Instead of using 2-4 ounces with a hydrometer test jar you may use a few tiny drops from a pipette to determine the Brix or Specific Gravity.

To use pull a few droplets of wort into your pipette, place it on the testing platform, and observe your reading. The gravity is measured in both Brix. The Brix Scale measures from 0-32°. Measurements use ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) to accurately read wort from 50-86°F. This is a huge benefit over older, traditional refractometers as it eliminates the need for temperature conversion charts and formulas.

Our Refractometers are made of a durable metal construction, have a comfortable rubber grib, and a flexible eye piece for ease of use. In addition the unit also features a manual calibration knob that is secured with a lock nut. Calibration is simple; place a drop of water on the testing platform and adjust the Refractometer to zero. Refractometers also come with a casing unit for proper and safe storage when not in use.