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Brülosophy Series: Munich Helles All-Grain Kit
Brülosophy Series Munich Helles All Grain Kit  |  love2brew.com

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"They who drink beer will think beer." The Brulosophy creed speaks to homebrewers around the world about our shared quest to brew better beer. Love2brew has partnered with Brulosophy to bring you a series of Beer Recipe Kits that are the product of the culmination of efforts from the Brulosophy team to experiment, tweak, and challenge brewing knowledge all for the purpose of brewing better beer.

Munich Helles are a clean, malt forward German brew with subtle spice and floral notes from the distinct German Hops. Our Munich Helles pours a beautiful gold color with a frothy white head. You will experience a semi-sweet grain aroma that intermingles with herbal and floral notes from the German Hops additions. Medium bodied and ultra refreshing, this every-day beer will convert even the staunchest of macro brew lovers. We offer both traditional cold fermenting (temperature control required) lager yeast options and the White Labs Kolsch (WLP029) yeast that ferments at warmer than lager temperatures and making it more accessible to the majority of brewers. Brulosophy recommends the White Labs Kolsch but feel free to brew with them both and compare for your own exBEERiment! The Brulosophy team has perfected this recipe and the Internet agrees, this is an excellent beer.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Summer Strawberry Helles

Helles is an all time favorite of mine, but sometimes I like to mix it up for a party or gathering. I've experimented with many of our Natural Fruit Extracts and found that Strawberry is an awesome addition if done correctly. Add 2 oz. prior to bottling and taste. Add more as needed.

Andrzej Bzdula Senior Strawberry Advisor

Culinary Corner

No Wrong Answer

Helles is a great beer and it is hard to choose a bad food option to drink it with. As silly as it sounds the team has enjoyed it with Chinese take out on more than one occasion. Something about the refreshing crispness of the Helles and an over abdunance of salty meats and veggies really works!

Love2brew Crew Food & Beer Experimentors