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Bud Wise Ale Extract Kit
Bud Wise Ale Extract Kit  |  love2brew.com

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This extract kit is our Ale impression of some of the popular American Lagers that have pervaded the United States for the past several decades.While not an exact clone (Ale vs Lager) we think this does a good job of coming pretty close.This beer has a light golden color, a crisp refreshing flavor, and is very easy on the palet; the quintessential summer lawnmower beer. In addition it's a great choice for introducing the concept of homebrew to your friends who enjoy Budweiser, Coors, Millers, etc.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Bud Wise w/ Lime

Our Bud Wise Ale is a really light and crisp ale mimicking light lagers so you don't want to go crazy changing it or you risk losing the style. I recommend 2 oz. of our Natural Lime Flavoring Extract (FRT034) added at bottling to give a refreshing kick to this light brew!

Mark Spezio Clone Beer Connoisseur

Culinary Corner

Add some kick to your fish!

Fish Beer Batter works well with the Bud Wise Ale because it is so light the seasonings come through on the final product. Beer batters are simple and easy to prepare and can be kept around for several days as long as they are well chilled in the fridge to keep the baking powder active.

Chef Nick Hack Professional Chef