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California Common Extract Kit
California Common Extract Kit  |  love2brew.com

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California Commons are a true piece of the United States brewing history, this copper lager beer was fermented at room temperatures by western settlers looking for an excellent beer but without the proper resources for cold fermentation. Showcasing the aroma and flavors of the moderately bitter US Northern Brewer hop you'll enjoy a rustic, woody characteristic that plays incredibly well with the caramel and slight toast notes from our carefully selected malts. If you're a fan of Anchor Steam lager then this brew is an excellent choice to share and enjoy with friends and family!

Note: If you desire to produce a true-to-style Common it is highly recommend you use a liquid yeast for this brew.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

California Coffee

Raw coffee beans and distinct berry and earth notes to a beer and can often be confused as they don't produce a strong coffee flavor when compared to cold brew additions. We recommend throwing 3 oz. of uncrushed coffee beans (green or roasted) and allowing the Common to age on them for 5-14 days (taste to discover your sweet spot). It really changes the brew in some very interesting ways!

Tom Boylan Champion of the Commons

Culinary Corner

Dinner and Dessert

Our California Common has a rich malty character with slight hints of mint from the Northern Brewer hops. This combo makes it perfect to enjoy with savory meats like Pork or with hearty desserts like a Raisin Bread Pudding.

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