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CaraAroma (Weyermann)
CaraAroma (Weyermann)  |  love2brew.com

CaraAroma is used to increase malt aroma in dark beers. Will also add body to your brew. Recommended use with Stouts, Bocks, Porters, and German Altbiers.

Lovibond: 130.0

Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
WG-069-P1 CaraAroma (Weyermann) 1 lb.
WG-069-P1-C CaraAroma (Weyermann) 1 lb. Crushed
WG-069-P10 CaraAroma (Weyermann) 10 lbs.
WG-069-P10-C CaraAroma (Weyermann) 10 lbs. Crushed
WG-069-P55 CaraAroma (Weyermann) 55 lbs.
WG-069-P55-C CaraAroma (Weyermann) 55 lbs. Crushed
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