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CaraWheat (Weyermann)
CaraWheat (Weyermann)  |  love2brew.com

Weyermann CaraWheat is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from high-quality, German wheat. CaraWheat adds creaminess, body, and color to finished beers. It is almost 100% caramelized, and contributes some phenolic wheat flavors along with mild notes of caramel, almond, and biscuit. For a true, German-style results, use Weyermann CaraWheat in top-fermented Hefeweizen or Dunkleweizen beers. Or use it to enhance your favorite Red Ale or Belgian Witbier. . May be used up to 15% of your total grist.

Lovibond: 42 - 53

Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
WG092A CaraWheat (Weyermann) 1 lb.
WG092D CaraWheat (Weyermann) 1 lb. Crushed
WG092B CaraWheat (Weyermann) 10 lb.
WG092E CaraWheat (Weyermann) 10 lb. Crushed
WG092C CaraWheat (Weyermann) 55 lb.
WG092F CaraWheat (Weyermann) 55 lb. Crushed
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