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Carbonating Keg Lid
Carbonating Keg Lid  |  love2brew.com

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Our Carbonating Keg Lid makes carbonating your beer easier than ever! Designed with a built-in carbonation stone, you can attach and remove this lid among all of your kegs as needed to carbonate your beer. Uses a .5 micron stone attached to 2" of 1/4" Beverage Tubing that is attached to the lid. Accepts a Gas Ball Lock Disconnect (BAL002) on the top of the lid to infuse CO2.

How to use a Carbonating Keg Lid
- Boil stone for 2 minutes prior to use to remove any residual oils. Be careful not to touch stone with your fingers.
- Sanitize your keg lid.
- Set your Regulator PSI to 3-4 PSI and then attach your Gas Ball Lock Disconnect. Allow keg to pressurize for 60 minutes.
- Increase the pressure by 2 PSI per hour until you reach 10-12 PSI. Allow keg to carbonate at 10-12 PSI for 24 hours.
- Test carbonation by pouring a pint. If you would prefer more carbonation leave the keg carbonating for another 5 hours. Repeat.
- Once you have reached your desired level of carbonation remove the Carbonating Keg Lid and replace with a standard keg lid.