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Craft Meister Growler Cleaning Tabs 25 Count
Craft Meister Growler Cleaning Tabs  |  love2brew.com

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Craft Meister Growler Cleaning Tablets are a pre-measured solution that makes maintaining your glass, stainless, and/or plastic growlers easier than ever. Fill your growler with hot water, add a Growler Cleaning Tablet, and allow the solution to soak for 15 minutes. Afterwards you just dump out the solution and rinse out your growler. Our tablets will not leave any fragrances, dyes, or chalky residue behind. May also be used on Erlenmeyer Flasks and other standard household items such as coffee mugs and water bottles.

How to Clean Growlers:
- Fill Growler with Hot Water (from faucet, not boiling)
- Add 1 Growler Cleaning Tablet and allow to dissolve
- Soak for 15 minutes
- Dump solution out of growler and rinse well
- Repeat as necessary

If you have a growler that is extra dirty you may increase the tablets from 1 to 2 and allow to sit for at least 60 minutes.