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English Winter Ale Partial Mash Kit
English Winter Ale Partial Mash Kit  |  love2brew.com

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English Winter Ales are a strong, dark, spiced beer that envelope your senses with a very complex aromatic and flavor profile. A rich malt base balanced with the right amount of hops and spices to create a unique experience that warms you to the core and surrounds you with the feeling of winter. Reminiscent of gingerbread cookies with some slight citrus overtones that spring from fresh orange peels to add an additional layer of complexity to the flavor profile. We include a blended spice pack with ginger, cinnnamon sticks, and orange peel for the perfect balance. This is a great beer for those cold winter nights with friends and family.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

American Winter Ale Anyone?

There are many people who would argue that our English Winter Ale is perfect as it is, with the right balance of fresh spices and malty goodness. Those people are not incorrect, however that has never stopped me from dry hopping my beers. Try throwing 2 oz. of your Citrus bomb up in the secodary fermenter for 3-5 days to create your American Winter Ale!

Tom Boylan Imperial Stout Innovator

Culinary Corner

Deep Flavors Help Hearty Foods

The English Winter Ale boasts a deep maltiness and warming spice profile from the Ginger and Cinnamon that will compliments flavors of dishes such as beef stew or mellow the sweetness of desserts like pecan pie.

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