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FastFerment Temperature Control Jacket
FastFerment Temperature Control Jacket |  love2brew.com

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Our 7.9 Gallon FastFerment Temperature Control / Cooling Jacket is the perfect solution to help control your fermentation temperatures for brews using the FastFerment (CB054A). Preparation is as simple as freezing 2 Lt. Soda bottles filled with water (adding salt to the water will help it stay frozen longer). When filling the soda bottles be sure to leave 3" of head space to avoid having the bottles burst. Once frozen you may add the bottles to the Temperature Control Jacket and close it to create and insulated chamber.

Depending on your desired temperature decrease we recommend the following:

- 2.5°F Drop: 1x Frozen 1 Lt. Bottle
- 5°F Drop: 1x Frozen 2 Lt. Bottle
- 10°F Drop: 2x Frozen 2 Lt. Bottle
- 15°F Drop: 3x Frozen 2 Lt. Bottle

Cycle thawed bottles with frozen replacements every 24 - 36 hours.

The FastFerment Temperature Control Jacket works with both mounted FastFerments and FastFerments utilizing the stand. If you purchase a FastFerment before July 2015 do not use this jacket with your existing wall mounts as they are not designed to hold the weight generated by the Soda Bottles.

FastFerment shown in picture is not included - Jacket only.