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Frostbier White IPA Partial Mash Kit
Frostbier White IPA Partial Mash Kit  |  love2brew.com

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Frostbier White IPA is a beautifully balanced brew that showcases bright citrus aromatics and flavors with a pillow soft mouthfeel. White IPAs are a blend of American IPA and Belgian Witbier, a combination that tones down bitterness for balance and fruity notes. Amarillo, Belma, dried Bitter Orange Peels, and a Witbier yeast create the bright orange citrus flavor and aroma profile while the Pilsner, Wheat, and Oats create a soft supporting malt base that balances the beer making it incredibly drinkable. Frostbier White IPA is a hazy, easy drinking, balanced IPA and is the ideal choice if you’re looking for something that you can enjoy everyday with friends and family.

Experimental Brewing

Coriander Conundrum

We tested several types of White IPA before settling on the Frostbier. One thing that split the team was the addition of Coriander. It was good but the presence of the Coriander was significant. Try adding 0.5 - 1 oz. during the last 15 minutes of your boil and let us know what you think!

Andrzej Bzdula White IPA Warrior

Culinary Corner

Risotto Bianco

While this Risotto Bianco recipe typically calls for Blonde Ale substituting the Frostbier White IPA will produce a very tasty dish! The beer is used to infuse flavor into the Rice creating that oh so perfect texture!

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