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Hex Dark Sour Ale All-Grain Kit
Hex Dark Sour Ale All-Grain Kit |  love2brew.com

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Are you prepared to explore the dark arts of homebrewing? Hex is a 100% Brettanomyces fermented Dark Ale. The double Brettanomyces fermentation adds a unique and distinct flavor profile to this beer that includes notes of tart cherries and barnyard funk that is supported by a chewy malt character. We add a custom blend of oak chips that you’ll age in red wine and add to the fermentor to add a dimension of tobacco and oak to your brew, furthering the complexity of this mystic beer. Ideal for immediate enjoyment or long term aging, Hex allows you to explore a new paradigm of brewing. Warning: Hex is not for the faint of heart and funk.

Yeast: We recommend you choose one of each of the Brettanomyces yeast options offered. Since both the yeast options default to Brett Brux. please select the drop down of one of them and choose Brett C.

Notes: This beer contains Brettanomyces – we strongly recommend using/purchasing separate equipment for brewing Brett beers. The are different perspectives on this however we believe it is better to be safe than sorry with your time!

You should create a 2 Liter starter with the Brett to ensure proper fermentation. Our Yeast Starter Kit (YT005B) contains the necessary components to do so. If you do not want to make a starter we recommend purchasing an additional packet of both LY650 & LY645.

The instructions display this Beer Recipe Kit as being ready within 5 weeks - this is true if you are kegging your beer. If you are bottling you need to follow the specific instructions outlined to avoid potential "bottle bombs".

Hex uses a custom Oak Blend that we recommend soaking in Red Wine. You will need to provide your own red wine. We recommend any full bodied Red you enjoy. We used the Winexpert Cabernet Sauvignon (WK005) in our test batches and the results were great!

Experimental Brewing

Try Different Combinations

Brett beers are incredibly complex and really mature over time. Hex blends two different types together for a unique primary fermentation profile. Try mixing and matching with different Brett, Lacto, Pedio, and Sacc strands!

Tom Boylan Brett Brewer

Culinary Corner

Funky Beer, Mild Cheese

Hex has some funky flavors that would best be enjoyed solo or complementing some mild cheese such as Havarti. Don't feel bad about wanting to enjoy this brew on it's own though as it has significant complexity!

Love2brew Crew Food & Beer Experimenters