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Homebrew Probiotics Korean Rice Wine - Orange
Homebrew Probiotics Korean Rice Wine - Orange  |  love2brew.com

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Homebrew Probiotics rice wine kits are a great way to live a healthier lifestyle by introducing probiotics to your diet through home fermentation. Brewing your own probiotics is simple, easy, and extremely cost effective when compared to purchasing them over the counter.

So easy, it's amazing - no experience or equipment is needed, and only 3 days start to finish. Instructions are:

1. Open kit and add 4 cups of spring or filtered water directly to the bag. Zip up tight and shake. Do not refrigerate. Shake occasionally. No peeking.
2. After 2 days the bag will have inflated due to fermentation. Now add 4 cups of a juice of your choice. Zip and shake. Wait one more day.
3. Decant what you need and enjoy! Wow! is that it? Yup.

Taste: Rice Wine is naturally a very neutral flavor, we include dried orange extract in this packet to give a hint of orange aroma and flavor. The juice you add can give the brew an awesome flavor profile in addition to providing the sugars necessary for continued fermentation. Experiment away and let us know your favorite!

For best results; you can recharge the brew after each serving by adding more juice to the bag. Again zip and shake. You can strain out the rice or you can eat it,

Serving Size: Half cup per day. Each bag will contain 8 liquid cups when finished (or 1.5 Liters - equivalent to 2 wine bottles)

Some of the many health benefits accredited to dietary consumption of probiotics cultures include:

- Enhanced gut function and stability.
- Immune system up regulation.
- Alleviate lactose intolerance.
- Improved digestion and nutrient absorption.
- Reduced blood cholesterol

Based on the Korean rice wine Makgeolli (mak-oh-lee) this brew will contain Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v. LP299v has been shown to have an exceptional ability to provide digestive support and control inflammation.