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Kettle Whirlpool Kit with G2 Linear Flow Valve
Kettle Whirlpool Kit with G2 Linear Flow Valve  |  love2brew.com

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The Blichmann Kettle Whirlpool Kit with the G2 Linear Flow Valve is ideal for separating trub and the hot break during cooling of your wort. It's easy to use and install and makes whirlpooling your wort easy and simple!

To use simply install the Whirlpool Kit in your desired location on your kettle. (If you need your kettle ported and are local contact you nearest shop to inquire about having us do it!) Wort is pumped from the main valve to the whirlpool arm, creating a strong whirlpool in your kettle. Whirlpooling will help to clarify your wort and increase hop utilization, but may also be used with your Immersion Wort Chiller to cool quicker.

We recommend you whirlpool for a minimum of 5 minutes and allow 15-20 minutes for the trub to settle before transferring to your fermenter.


  • Kettle Whirlpool Kit
  • G2 Linear Flow Valve