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Blending beer is an easy way to enhance your brewing and drinking experience with limitless possibilities. The Love2brew Blends™ Beer Recipe Kits were designed with the vision that we could create complex and unique flavors together that would be hard to achieve in a single batch. The best part about all of our Blends™ Beer Recipe Kits is that they are essentially three Beer Recipe Kits in one package – two individual brews designed to be brewed at the same time for maximum efficiency and to be consumed individually or blended together.

Each Blends Beer Recipe Kit contains two 2.5 Gallon Recipes. Each recipe has fresh ingredients individually packaged with complete instructions. Each Blends™ Beer Recipe Kit also contains the following: Our Blends™ Strategy Guide; a detailed guide explaining the objectives and best practices of blending your own beers. A specific blending guide for the Blends™ Beer Recipe Kit you chose that details our tasting observations for each blend, exact blending ratios for our recommended blend suggestions, and notes on how to best enjoy your blended brews. In addition we include our Love2brew Blends™ Tasting Evaluation Sheet so you can experiment with our own ratios and notes, crafting your own perfect concoction! The best part about Love2brew Blends™ is that there is no wrong way to enjoy! Your only limitation is your own creativity!