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Mesquite Wheat Ale Partial Mash Kit
Mesquite Wheat Ale Partial Mash Kit  |  love2brew.com

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Are you prepared to brew and enjoy the first beer of its kind available to homebrewers? Our mission when crafting this beer was simple; make a sessionable beer that has huge smoke flavor, very low dryness, a slight hint of fruit, and is easy to drink in multiples. The Mesquite Smoked Wheat Ale pours a hazy, dull gold color with a glass lacing white head. Be sure to take a moment in enjoy the rich bouquet of Mesquite aromatics of sweet and earthy smoke. Tasting this beer you will have strong notes of sweet and earthy smoke without the dry aftertaste typical of most smoked beers as well as slight notes of spice from the late addition Kent Goldings hops. A great beer to enjoy with friends, family, and food!

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Sweeten the Smoke

The Mesquite Wheat really showcases the characteristics of the Mesquite Smoked Wheat Malt it is named after. The smoke character is apparent and can be a little dry. You can add some sweetness by adding 1# Honey towards the end of primary fermentation or grabbing 1# of Honey Malt and steeping/mashing with it!

Ron Rivers Mystified by Mesquite

Culinary Corner

This is your BBQ Beer!

If you're the type of beer drinker who likes to enjoy their food and beer as a single, unified experience then this beer is your perfect match for Summer BBQs. The smokey flavor is the ideal compliment to burgers, wings, pulled pork sandwiches and more! The Mesquite Wheat adds an entirely new dimension to your culinary experience.

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