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Munich Malt (Briess)
Munich Malt  (Briess)

Small amounts (5-15%) added to the mash-in grist will improve the malty flavor without adding non-fermentables.  Additionally will give a darker color to beers with low gravity.  Munich Malt tends to be used for Dark German Lagers such as Bocks, Schwarzbier, and Oktoberfests.  May be used up to 100% to enhance the body and aroma of dark beers. Flavor profile: robust malty.
Lovibond:  10

Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
WG021A Munich Malt 1 lb.
WG021D Munich Malt 1 lb. Crushed
WG021B Munich Malt 10 lb.
WG021E Munich Malt 10 lb. Crushed
WG021C Munich Malt 50 lb.
WG021F Munich Malt 50 lb. Crushed
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