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Northern English Brown Ale All-Grain Kit
Northern English Brown Ale All-Grain Kit  |  love2brew.com

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Northern English Brown Ales are a sub-style of English Brown Ales that have a distinctly more nutty and biscuit flavor when compared to the more caramel notes of Southern English Brown Ales. This brew draws a lot of that nutty/biscuit flavor from our combination of Victory, Brown, and Special Roast Malts. In addition to a delicious malt forward flavor our Northern English Brown Ale has a great English style hop backbone that is balanced very well with the malts to create a the perfect pint for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home!

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Coconut Compliments

Northern English Brown Ales have a great toast character from the specific malt profile that really shines. Toast some coconut in your oven, turning 2-3x to avoid burning, add to the secondary fermentor and age the brew on it for 2 weeks prior to bottling!

Ron Rivers Coconut Beer Crusader

Culinary Corner

Brown Ale Mushroom Risotto

Brown Ales have a malty character that adds an exciting dimension to food. In this recipe I've paired the earthy taste of mushrooms and the toasty Brown Ale notes to craft a delicious Rissoto dish.

Nick Hack Professional Chef