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Oak Smoked Barleywine All-Grain Kit
Oak Smoked Barleywine All Grain Kit  |  love2brew.com

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Rich, strong, and complex; Barleywines are the strongest style of English Ales. Dark Amber in color this full bodied beer can often be described as “chewy” and can have a slight warmth associated with it due to the high ABV. Our Barleywine combines showcases flavors such as bready, biscuit notes with strong toffee and a slight molasses hint. The addition of Oak Smoked Wheat adds a unique but complex layer of smoke flavor that blends well with this hearty brew. This brew is made for aging and can change in flavor significantly over time!

Note: A yeast starter is highly recommend for this brew! If you'd like a less time consuming method just purchase a separate package of Safale S-04 (DY008) or an extra White Labs English Ale Yeast (WLP002).

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Bourbon Barrel Age It

Barleywines are complex beers to begin with but adding a dose of Dark Toast Oak Chips soaked in Bourbon for 2-3 weeks into the secondary fermenter can create an incredibly premium beer. As you age this beer I recommend using a sanitized Wine Thief to snag a sample each week to find your sweet spot with the beer prior to bottling/kegging.

Ron Rivers Outstanding Beer Oaker

Culinary Corner

Kolsch Seafood Soup

Barleywine is akin to a fine spirit, best enjoyed alone so as to focus on the aroma and flavor of each sip. If you are hungry pair it with some fine cheeses or rich chocolate truffles so that you can enjoy in small bites allowing the food to enhance the beer experience.

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