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Old Tavern Ale Extract Kit
Old Tavern Ale Extract Kit  |  love2brew.com

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Our Old Tavern Ale is a true to style English Strong Bitter with some slight Love2brew experimentation to create a beer that is full of complex flavors, medium bodied, amber in color, and a perfect beer to enjoy with or without food. This brew pours with an off-white head that produces notes of toast and bread when smelled. Traditional English Hops and a special blend of carefully selected grains create a flavor profile that slightly earthy and spicy at first sip but the longer you let the beer linger in your mouth the more you recognize the sticky toffee notes that round out the brew. You’ll notice a very slight smoke characteristic when you drink the beer somewhere in the middle gained from our small touch of Beechwood Smoked Malt. We envisioned drinking this beer in a dusty old English tavern filled with smoke that somehow infuses into your beer adding unique character.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Tavern Made of Wood

Recently we brewed this beer for a Beer Fest we attend annually and added some American Oak Chips (OAK001) to the secondary. We wanted to really see if we could push the limits of what a Tavern Ale could be and the oak was wonderful! Aged for 2 Weeks in the secondary the wood added a nice complexity that really worked well with the malt profile of this brew!

Ron Rivers Official Oak Brewer

Culinary Corner

Tavern Food with Tavern Ale

Wings, Burgers, Mozzarella Sticks, Fries, Nachos, just pick your favorite pub food and go at it! This beer is a staff favorite because it's got a ton of flavor but is not overbearing when enjoyed with food. We recommend having some friends over for some junk food, beer, and entertainment!

Love2brew Crew Food & Beer Experimenters