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Pilsner Malt (Franco-Belges)
Pilsner Malt (Franco-Belges)  |  love2brew.com

This well modified Pilsner malt is very light in color and is low in total protein. Designed to be easy to use in a stand single-infusion mash. Ideal for many German and Belgian beer styles.

Lovibond: 1.6 - 1.8

Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
WG076A Pilsner Malt (Franco-Belges) 1 lb
WG076D Pilsner Malt (Franco-Belges) 1 lb Crushed
WG076E Pilsner Malt (Franco-Belges) 10 lb Crushed
WG076B Pilsner Malt (Franco-Belges) 10 lb.
WG076F Pilsner Malt (Franco-Belges) 55 lb Crushed
WG076C Pilsner Malt (Franco-Belges) 55 lb.
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