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Brewer's Essentials™ Premium Beer Making Kit
Premium Beer Making Kit  |  love2brew.com

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Starter Beer Recipe Kit:

The Premium Beer Making Kit is the ideal choice for the passionate homebrewer to be. This all-in-one Beer Making kit comes with all of the necessary equipment to brew your first batch from start to finish without needing any additional items. It contains the same advanced fermenting setup as our Premium Beer Making Kit so even the most novice brewer can brew any type of beer they would like with ease. In addition the Premium Beer Making Kit contains equipment to allow brewers to accurately test and measure their beer throughout the fermentation process, all of the necessary sanitizing solution to make the process as simple and sanitary as possible, a 5 Gallon Brewing Kettle so you know that the new brewer could brew as soon as they wanted to, and two cases of 12 oz. Heritage Bottles to bottle up that delicious beer! This Beer Making Kit is a complete solution for any new brewer and the ideal gift for someone you know who is going to love brewing their own beer.

Premium Beer Making Kit Includes:
- 6.5 Gallon Fermenting Bucket
- Grommeted Lid
- 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket
- Bottling Spigot
- 5 Gallon Glass Carboy
- Carboy Bung
- 2 oz. Powdered Brewery Wash (PBW)
- 8 oz. Star San (Sanitizer)
- Three Piece Airlock (Prevents contamination of fermenting beer)
- Hydrometer
- Hydrometer Test Jar
- Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometer
- Lab Thermometer
- Bottle Filler
- Auto-Siphon
- Siphon Tubing
- Bottle Capper
- Bottle Caps
- 24” Mash Paddle
- Bottle Brush
- Carboy Brush
- 12 oz. Amber Heritage Beer Bottles (2 Cases)
- 5 Gallon Brewing Kettle
- Love2brew Basics of Homebrewing Guide
- Love2brew Sticker

Choosing your first Beer Recipe Kit:
Brewing your first beer is an easy and fun experience and here at Love2brew our goal is to make it even easier! We have created a unique starter program where new brewers can choose from four of our most popular starter recipes at a deep discount when purchasing a Beer Making Kit. These recipes were hand selected by our staff for their ease of brewing, quick turnaround time, and most importantly their popularity amongst brewers for their incredible flavor! We highly recommend purchasing one of this discounted Beer Recipe Kits for the new brewer to get the most out of their brewing experience.

Easy Blonde Ale: Our best selling kit of all time, the Easy Blonde Ale is a refreshingly crisp beer that is great for novice to expert beer drinkers alike. Easy to drink with aromatic notes of slight citrus and floral overtones its a great beer to have any time of year in any environment.

American Wheat Ale: American Wheat ales are very easy drinking wheat based beers. Pours a dark gold with a fluffy white head, this brew has flavor and aroma notes of Grapefruit enhance the beer. This is a great choice if you are interested in adding fruit to a beer!

Irish Stout: If you like Guinness you're going to love our Irish Stout. Pours a blackish brown with a thick tan head and has big malty roast notes that make it a true Irish Stout. Because your homebrew will be carbonated with CO2 you'll trade the creamy body of a Guinness for more flavor, a great trade if you ask us!

Dark English Mild: Milds are a low alcohol English style ale that are lighter than an Irish Stout but still provide a malt-forward beer. Hints of toast and caramel showcase the malts while a earthy spice notes are present due to the hop additions. Meant to be enjoyed in multiples it is a great choice for an easy first batch!