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St. Doug Belgian Quad All-Grain Kit - 2.5 Gallon
St Doug Belgian Quad All Grainh Kit  |  love2brew.com  Homebrew Supply

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Here at the shop we often collaborate with brewers on their recipes but when one of our favorite customers decided to brew his version of this holy grail of a beer we were very eager to pick his brain on the style and brew our version of a customer’s beer for a change instead of the other way around. Our Belgain Quad is all about caramelizing sugar during a long boil, a simple recipe, and a yeast choice that accentuates the rich characteristics of this BIG beer. Our Quad has a rich sweet malty flavor with big notes of dark fruit and spice in the nose and a low level of bitterness. The high perceived alcohol of this beer demands a longer conditioning period and makes it an ideal candidate for cellering. Prepare your chalice and get yourself ready for one of the biggest experiences the world of beer has to offer!

Note: It is highly recommended that you make a yeast starter for this brew and/or purchase an additional yeast to pitch if pitching directly.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Lay it down!
The high ABV of this style of beer will preserve it for years after its brewed and bottled. Cellering this beer will give it time to mature and change in the bottle. Pull every few months and judge the progress for yourself.

Culinary Corner

Big beef and hearty stews
Belgian Quad is a big beer that can stand up to your fullest flavored dishes. Pair it with hearty comfort food dishes like a nice roast or beef stew.
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