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Vanilla Stoutachino Blends All-Grain Recipe Kit
Vanilla Stoutachino Blends� All-Grain Recipe Kit  |  love2brew.com

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As you explore craft beer blending you may stumble upon a creation that is so perfectly aligned you may believe that the two base beers were destined to be together. Our Vanilla Stoutachino blend was one such blend.  An artful mixing of our Vanilla Cream Ale and our Mocha Espresso Stout creates a Vanilla Espresso Stout that amplifies the best of both beers.  Vanilla Stoutachino has a beautiful aromatic boquet of the premium OQ Coffee blend that showcases notes of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla bean.  The blend showcases the distinct flavor profile of each beer; starting with flavors that pull from our Mocha Espresso Stout you'll enjoy a rich espresso and mocha start that slowly transitions into a distinct Vanilla flavor that smooths out the chocolate coffee notes.  Vanilla Stoutachino blurs the line between your favorite coffee beverage and your favorite Stout so be sure to check the time of day before your first blend!