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White Labs Hansen Ale Yeast Blend WLP075
White Labs Hansen Ale Yeast Blend WLP075 |  love2brew.com

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This is a blend of many IPA strain favorites. It has the attenuation of WLP090 and the character of WLP007. This strain produces dry, hop-forward beer with minor ester production. This blend is a great flocculator.

Used in the White Labs Tasting Room.

According to White Labs Brewing Manager Joe Kurowski, "the strain produced dry attenuation, was hop-forward with minor ester production, and it was a great flocculator."

Type: Ale Yeast
Minimum Attenuation: 75%
Maximum Attenuation: 80%
Flocculation: Medium to High
Minimum Fermentation Temperature: 66°F
Maximum Fermentation Temperature: 70°F
Alcohol Tolerance: High