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About love2brew

love2brew was founded in October of 2011 with a clear vision of providing a homebrewing web/store experience that was easy to use, competitively priced, friendly, and knowledgeable. . A hub where individuals may come to on a daily basis over their morning coffee to read a new brewing article each day, communicate with each other, and find the best selection and value when looking to further their homebrewing interest. The idea was born after several frustrating experiences with some LHBS and websites. A commitment to creating the highest quality homebrew experience has driven us to consider every meticulous detail and the result is a process that we are proud to stand behind. We believe in creating a company that is able to progress organically overtime while creating a consistent experience for each and every one of our indipvidual customers.

Our Values

Service Above All: Our company culture is simple; we believe in providing the absolute best customer service in the industry. Personal contact, direct answers to questions, accountability, these and more are values that permeate our internal operations as well as our relationships with our customers. We know you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to homebrewing, before opening love2brew we were in your shoes. That is why we take such pride in our commitment to providing a personal, customized experience to each individual who walks into our warehouse or who logs onto our website. We are confident that if you choose to shop with love2brew once, you'll be a customer for life.

Sustainability: When love2brew was founded our purpose was clear; to create a company that would shift homebrewers' expectations of what service could be. Our vision is clear and long term; sustainable, organic growth through nationally competitive pricing, impeccable service, and community building through our love2learn knowledge base and in-store events. We expand our product and service offerings frequently but in a manner that allows us to handle the growth and new offerings without over extending our capabilities. As we grow you can be confident that our expansion will never impede the level of service you receive.

Community Development: From day one we knew that our success was tied to that of the homebrew community. We're incredibly proud of our sponsorship efforts both locally and nationally. On a local level we continuing sponsor many major homebrew clubs on a number of levels from product support, facility usage, and coordinating other promotions to help boost club participation and events. In addition we partner with other craft beer related companies to sponsor and promote local homebrew competitions. On a national level we are the only homebrew website in the country to provide free, daily content to our readers. This ever-growing content is then stored in our love2learn knowledge base for all to access free of cost. In addition we are sponsors of the American Homebrew Association, Zymurgy Magazine, and the Homebrew Talk forums. As a company we all genuinely believe that any homebrew community with a love2brew warehouse in it will benefit greatly and that is something we are very proud of.

Environmental Consciousness: We believe in recycling are reusing as much material as possible. The vast majority of our packing material is reused from packages we receive including boxes, plastic, bubble wrap, etc. In addition our waste is often converted into packing material for our internet orders (empty grain sacks for example); this allows us to get the most value out of existing material without generating any additional waste. We never compromise the packaging of your orders to accomplish this, rather we protect our packages very generously! It should make you feel good that the majority of time you order from love2brew you are generating zero additional waste!

Passion: For all of us here at love2brew and many of our community members our brand is more than just a supply warehouse. love2brew is about homebrew culture, about people with a passion for life and their hobbies. If you're on this website you either already love to brew or at the very least have an interest in it. We want to welcome you to our family with open arms.